22 Special Air Service Heroes support us

By asaadmin, Jul 14 2020 03:45PM

Thanks to our Patron Rusty Firmin for reaching out to Britain's 22 SAS Heroes.

The Ball auction has raised £1500 so far online.

Shane Ball created this unique Ball and named it the John McAleese MM., pictures can be viewed in the Gallery:

Autographs so far:

Rusty Firmin - Blue Team Leader Iranian Embassy Siege 1980 and many more missions, served 15 years with the Regiment.

Pete Winner - served in the Battle of Mirbat, Iranian Embassy Siege, Falklands War and many other missions.

Colin MacLachlan - served and played a major part in Operation Barras, Sierra Leone in 2000, he was also involved in the Stanstead Plane highjacking involving 180 passengers, in a 4 day stand off.

More news on this to follow...

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