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Just to let you know, I have reviewed the John McAleese Commemoration Society accounts from the December 2019 to the 1st of October 2020. This account was set up in 2017 for fundraising for a campaign but was never used until December 2019 solely for the John McAleese MM Campaign. This was absolutely made clear to everyone at the beginning.

I have absolutely no concerns with the Ancre Somme Association Scotland, no concerns with the “Society” sub campaign group, which you were part of until the 27th of September.

The income and outcome of the accounts are 100% accurate. There are receipts and invoices, there is a full breakdown of all costs.

I am representing the McAleese Family as you well know.

I am asking you to:

1. Take your social media posts and accusations down.

2. Let this Memorial campaign achieve their goal

3. You are upsetting the whole family, please do the right thing for us and John Mac.

Once the stock and merchandise is sold, we will have enough to complete the project.

If you were my Uncle John’s mate as you say, leave us all alone, that includes the team and the voluntary charity which you keep attacking.

If you don’t we will have no option but to make public all factual minutes and all emails between yourself and the Society. This would be very damaging to you, but that’s your decision.

We have thanked Shane and you for your support and we wish you well for the future.

If you want to share this on your Facebook page, to be transparent, feel free.





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Rusty Firmin resign from the John McAleese project. 27th September 2020.

Rusty Firmin is no longer fundraising for this Memorial Campaign.

To be clear, this memorial project was born and commssioned by the ASA Scotland Charity,

The John McAleese MM Commemoration Society was formed by ASA Scotland, with the approval of the entire McAleese Family.

Rusty Firmin wanted full control of the Memorial project, ASA Scotland rejected his proposal and Rusty Firmin resigned.

We wish Rusty Firmin all the best for his future.

ASA Scotland Patron Colin MacLachlan will ensure this mission is completed and on budget, until we unveil the Memorial for John McA;leese's family August 2021.

Who Dares Wins

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Thanks to our Patron Rusty Firmin for reaching out to Britain's 22 SAS Heroes.

The Ball auction has raised £1500 so far online.

Shane Ball created this unique Ball and named it the John McAleese MM., pictures can be viewed in the Gallery:

Autographs so far:

Rusty Firmin - Blue Team Leader Iranian Embassy Siege 1980 and many more missions, served 15 years with the Regiment.

Pete Winner - served in the Battle of Mirbat, Iranian Embassy Siege, Falklands War and many other missions.

Colin MacLachlan - served and played a major part in Operation Barras, Sierra Leone in 2000, he was also involved in the Stanstead Plane highjacking involving 180 passengers, in a 4 day stand off.

More news on this to follow...

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PRESS RELEASE: John McAleese MM Commemoration Society

Memorial for Scots 22 SAS Hero John Thomas McAleese MM

Planning has been passed for a Memorial Bust for 22 Special Air Service Hero John Thomas McAleese in his hometown of Laurieston, Falkirk on 26th August 2021. The Armed Forces Charity “Ancre Somme Association Scotland” has formed the “John McAleese MM Commemoration Society” to deliver the memorial project.

Ex 22 SAS Soldier Rusty Firmin is the Society Patron leading the UK wide campaign, Rusty served 15 years in the British Elite 22 SAS Regiment and both Soldiers were involved in the Iranian Embassy Siege 40 years ago. Rusty is known as “the man with no gloves”.

Rusty Firmin said “I was asked by the ASA Scotland Charity if I would assist and support this memorial project for my friend John Mac, I spoke to the McAleese family, we formed the Society, we discussed our mission and we are now ready to launch our UK fundraising appeal, we will build a fitting memorial for John’s family and for the Community”

ASA Scotland Chairman John Jenkins said “Our charity has commissioned the fantastic sculptor Helen Runciman to produce a fitting Memorial Bust, which will be built beside the towns War Memorial, we welcome support from Veterans, individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations to support this wonderful project”

“John McAleese along with Rusty Firmin and other great men rescued 19 hostages 40 yrs ago, many of us will remember watching the 22 SAS “Operation Nimrod” on our TV screens, these men are British Heroes, the Special Air Service are heroes, we will remember them”

Twin Brother William McAleese “I have been presented a miniature Bust of my brother John, in just over 12 months his Memorial will be created and unveiled, this means a lot to the family, thanks to the “John McAleese MM Commemoration Society” and every single person that is supporting this Memorial project”

Ancre Somme Association Just Giving page “John McAleese MM Commemoration Society”, we need to raise £50,000 within the next 6 months.

JustGiving link is on the HOME page, thank you for your support.

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: JohnMcAleeseMM

Facebook: John McAleese MM Commemoration