The JMMM Commemoration Society is a working group established in 2020 by the Ancre Somme Association Scotland Charity.


The Society consists of members of National, Regional and Local Government as well as 22 SAS Veterans and members of the Ancre Somme Association Scotland.


The Society meets each month to discuss progress of the project.


The aims of the John McAleese MM Commemoration Society:


1. To raise funds for a sculpture of John McAleese MM, to be erected in the town of Laurieston, Scotland.


2. To organise a programme of events to commemorate the heroic actions of John McAleese MM.


3. To leave a legacy, engaging with schools and the community.






John Jenkins - Chairman

Tommy Davidson - Secretary

James McAleese (family member)




Alexander Stewart MBE MSP - Honorary Ambassador

WO2 John Knox - Royal Regiment of Scotland

David Birrell - Honorary Ambassador (Veteran)

Alison Moodie OBE - Honorary Ambaasador (RAF Veteran)